The structure and the operation principle of the block making machine

The cement block making machine consist of the main machine, the automatic conveying device, the hydraulic control device, the hopper, the hydraulic platform, the mixer, the hydraulic pallet conveyor, the pallet box, the valve handle, the mold sleeve, the mold head, the hoist is located at the top of the pallet box and the raw material hydraulic conveyor, and is installed on the column of the main engine frame, and it is the machine that is cement brick machine in the production technology on the basis of the introduction of the latest foreign molding process on the basis of the development of new models, completely solve the original extrusion molding to bring the leakage, fear of the storm, the construction of inconvenience and other defects, through advanced pressure filtration Dream of the dream and the appearance of beautiful color brick and other advantages.
The hydraulic brick is equipped with oil temperature automatic heating, cooling system and oil purifier device, and the hydraulic tank is equipped with oil pressure, the use of multiple continuous filtration, so as to ensure the best use of hydraulic oil conditions, automatic feeding car with positive volume feeding method and with a forced mixing structure to ensure uniform feeding and improve the efficiency of production, the entire production process can be fully automated operation, cement brick machine is the use of waste pollutants and the most urban waste as the production of raw materials, are new environmentally friendly building materials processing equipment, high-strength concrete block insulation, sealing, fire resistance are higher than the national standard, the use of brick-free brick to reduce the heating, air conditioning and other facilities and energy consumption to improve the living room environment and energy conservation.

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